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Now you know why God is pissed at you.

There have been many lectures, social media posts etc. on the concept of happiness and what it means.

I’m not writing this because I have figured that sh*t out but have made a rather obvious yet interesting observation. No matter what goals we complete or a wish that gets fulfilled, we dwell in it for a moment, hour or day and then our mind focuses on things we don’t have or in other words, look for Unhappiness.

I present to you this example, see if you could relate to it-

On a may afternoon I was waiting at the bus stop. I had no idea when the next bus would come as the frequency of the buses were quite erratic. I was just hoping that the bus arrives. The heat was unbearable. After 10-15 minutes the bus arrived. I boarded the bus. A moment of happiness. The next moment, I was looking for a place to sit. The bus was full. My mind started to complain and curse. I started hoping for a seat. Please God. What do you know? A seat vacates. I jump on it. A moment of relief. Then, I notice the harsh sun is on my side, toasting my nipples. My mind again started with the complaining and curses. Notice the pattern? I started freaking praying for the SUN to move over to the other side.

I’m fairly confident that you have been in many situations like this, but maybe have failed to notice it. I have no antidote to this ill-working of the human mind. I’m just pointing out how f*cked is the human mind. Or just my mind.

No wonder God is so pissed at us.

P.S. Read ‘The Subtle art of not giving a F*ck’ by Mark Manson and ‘7 Habits of highly effective people’ by Stephen Covey if you’re looking for some mental clarity on life and its challenges.

the working class

A Middle class feeling

You get what you deserve,
That is the old saying.
One that survived the years for the most part… because it’s true.
Not for everyone.
Some get more than they deserve.
Because they believe they are not like everyone else.
That the rules, the ones like me and you, the people that work and struggle for a living,
Don’t apply to them.
That they can do anything and live happily ever after, while the rest of us suffer.
And They do this from the shadows.
Shadows that we cast,
With our indifference, with a pervasive lack of interest in anything that doesn’t directly affects us, in the here and now.
Or maybe it’s just the shadow of hopelessness.
Of how tired we are,
Struggling to claw our way back in the middle class that no longer exists.
Because of those who take more than they deserve.
And they keep taking.
Until all that’s left is a memory for us… of how it used to be.
Before the corporations, politicians, the system decided we didn’t matter anymore.
But we do. You and I, the people of this city…
We still matter.