the working class

A Middle class feeling

You get what you deserve,
That is the old saying.
One that survived the years for the most part… because it’s true.
Not for everyone.
Some get more than they deserve.
Because they believe they are not like everyone else.
That the rules, the ones like me and you, the people that work and struggle for a living,
Don’t apply to them.
That they can do anything and live happily ever after, while the rest of us suffer.
And They do this from the shadows.
Shadows that we cast,
With our indifference, with a pervasive lack of interest in anything that doesn’t directly affects us, in the here and now.
Or maybe it’s just the shadow of hopelessness.
Of how tired we are,
Struggling to claw our way back in the middle class that no longer exists.
Because of those who take more than they deserve.
And they keep taking.
Until all that’s left is a memory for us… of how it used to be.
Before the corporations, politicians, the system decided we didn’t matter anymore.
But we do. You and I, the people of this city…
We still matter.


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