funny · human nature · short stories


A meeting between Marvin Nate and a Martian who’s just been on our terra for a couple of hours.


M – Greetings, man.


MN – Hey there, you don’t look scary at all.


M – What is scary? ‘Apolome’, I’m still learning the ‘jinglish’ langua and why would you think I am scary??


MN – Scary means (hand signals pouncing) Dangerous.


M – I am shappy. So I saw a square (hand signals square) shape thing appeared to be covered by this ground fragments that we are standing on, being eaten by a human, what is that?


MN – That’s toast. Toast is bread. It is made brown by heating.


M – What is bread and why is it made into ‘ Taast’


MN – ‘Toast’, bread is food (hand signals eating) which we humans make to eat. Bread is simple. Toast is more fulfilling. (Hand signals stomach)


M – Fulfilling hoe?


MN – Toast is crunchy, apply butter to a hot toast and it is a much more fulfilling bite than plain bread. Butter is another food product we make.


M – Oh! , An innovative species you are! Toast is interesting, a way of making food gonsumption a richer experience!


MN – Of course… or a way of disposal…


M – What?


MN – I had disposed some pieces of stale bread by toasting them and feeding them to my irritating cousins.


M – I don’t understand…


MN – Never mind, here come my cousins.


MN – Never mind, here come my cousins.


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